Happy Saint Valentine's day

I do not remember what we did last year for Saint Valentine's. Hold on... I think I remember already..

I was in Vietnam! Do you remember that I had to leave Thailand for a few days because I needed to apply for a student visa in Ho Chi Minh City.

I am very sorry we are not together for Saint Valentine's. I know you for a year and a half, and still we have not celebrated a New Year's eve together and a Saint Valentine's day. Well, Spanish do not really celebrate Saint Valentine's day, we celebrate it on April and for other reasons. But anyway, it is a nice day in many countries and if we were in the same city I would force you to do something special. Maybe go it something nice!

Anyway, I hope this is the last Saint Valentine's we are separated. That is one thing we need to improve: to be together in nice days. However, I'd rather be together 360 days a year, and leave out those 5 days left on specific dates...

Have a beautiful day full of love and smiles. I can't wait to be together, because we will together very soon.